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Business Planning

North East Adventure Tourism 
Client - North East Adventure Tourism 

MKA Economics led the business cases of four adventure tourism projects seeking funding from Opportunity North East. This included multi-million pound investments at Glenshee Ski Centre, Transition Extreme, Gravitate North East and new mountain bike trails in Huntly for Huntly Development Trust. 

Project Safe Haven 
Client - Unicorn Preservation Society 

MKA Economics was commissioned to support the formation of the business case to safeguard HMS Unicorn and to develop a new visitor centre at City Quay in Dundee, supporting the ongoing regeneration of Dundee's waterfront. 

Economic Impact Assessment

Vault City Brewing Relocation 
Client - Vault City Brewing 

MKA Economics was commissioned to assess the economic impact of Vault City Brewing's new brewery at the Bush in Midlothian. This was to assess the economic benefits it brings to the local, regional and national economies to guide its future investment in light of the new National Planning Framework 4.

Mallaig Harbour 
Client - Mallaig Harbour Authority 

MKA Economics carried out an independent economic assessment of Mallaig Harbour to the local and national economies, taking into account various investments and an assessment of 'do nothing'. This also mapped the outcomes delivered by MHA against national and regional strategies.

Various Renewable Developments
Client - Various

MKA Economics has led the Socio-economic, Tourism, Land Use and Recreation Assessment of a number of renewable investments across Scotland, including onshore and offshore wind proposals, pumped storage schemes, green hydrogen production, anaerobic digestion facilities, solar arrays, battery storage facilities and grid infrastructure investments. 

Event Impact Assessment

Event Impact Assessments 
Client - Various

MKA Economics has led the event impact assessment of over 100 events over the last decade, including the Caledonian Challenge, Callander Jazz Festival, Dunbar SciFest, Eilean Dorcha Festivals, Fringe by the Seas, HebCelts, International Sheep Dog Trials, John Muir Festivals, Scottish Opens, Oban Live, Pedal for Scotland, Ryedale Festival, SkiffieWorlds, T in the Park, Tiree Music Festivals and the Wickerman Festival. MKA Economics deploy 'EventImpact' compliant assessments, which includes visitor and business surveys to ascertain impact to guide the future development of sustainable events. 

Paddle Steamer Waverley 
Client - Waverley Steam Navigation Co. Ltd.

MKA Economics estimated the economic impact assessment of the PS Waverley from her sailing programme in 2023. This was based on a visitor survey with those passengers who sailed on PS Waverley in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England in 2023.

Policy and Strategy  Support

Rural Community Led Vision 2024 - 2027
Client - Aberdeenshire Local Action Group (ALAG)

MKA Economics was commissioned by ALAG to develop a strategic plan to reflect the needs and ambitions of Aberdeenshire's rural communities and lay the foundations for the implementation of a rural development support programme which will deliver meaningful impact. 

Aberdeenshire Harbours Economic Development Plans 2024 - 2029 
Client - Aberdeenshire Council

MKA Economics was commissioned by Aberdeenshire Council in 2023 to develop Economic Development Plans (EDPs) to drive the development of their harbours in Banff, Gourdon, Johnshaven, Macduff, Portsoy, Rosehearty and Stonehaven. The EDPs seeks to support new investment to grow existing markets and develop new markets to ensure the harbours retain their valuable economic role for the communities and businesses they serve. 

Review of Shared Services  
Client - Inverclyde Council and West Dunbartonshire Council 

MKA Economics was commissioned by Inverclyde Council and West Dunbartonshire Council in 2022 to review the implementation of Shared Services in regeneration and environmental services, and to make a recommendation on the options for shared services going forward. 

Net Zero and Energy Transition 

Pumped Storage Hydro
Client - SSE / Gilkes Energy / Statera

MKA Economics has completed the socio-economics, tourism and recreation assessment of three major pumped storage hydro (PSH) schemes across the Highlands over the 2018 - 2023 period. This has included SSE's 1,500MW Coire Glas PSH, Gilke's 1,500MW Loch Earba PSH and Statera's 600MW Loch Kemp PSH. 

Solar and BESS
Client - Locogen

MKA Economics has completed a wide range socio-economic, tourism and recreation assessments of solar plant and battery energy storage systems for Locogen over the 2021 to 2023 period, these have included projects in Fife, Angus, East and South Ayrshire and County Durham. 

Anaerobic Digestion 
Client - Acorn Bioenergy 

MKA Economics completed three socio-economic, tourism and recreation assessments of three anaerobic digestion plants in Aberdeenshire, Moray and Highland. It is their intention to make an immediate impact by reducing CO2 emissions in transport, industry, and agriculture commencing in 2023. Each AD plant across the Highlands, Moray, and Aberdeenshire will form a virtual pipeline, with biomethane being compressed to 250 bar and subsequently transported to the Injection Hub at Morayston, Dalcross via biomethane-powered trucks. Each plant will have an annual generating capacity of 100GW.

Option Appraisal

Portgordon Harbour Option Appraisal
Client - Portgordon Community Trust 

MKA Economics was commissioned in 2024 to carry out an independent feasibility, option appraisal and business case of transferring Portgordon Harbour from Crown Estate Scotland to Portgordon Community Trust. This has involved community events, stakeholder consultations and a HM Treasury Green Book compliant Option Appraisal to develop a preferred option.

We really appreciate the huge piece of work that you have done for us devising a Rural Community Led Vision for Aberdeenshire 2024 - 2027. We now have something that we can use to take us forward which we have definitely been feeling the lack of. As we moved from a long term LEADER strategy into a still evolving new structure, we have all felt that we needed to redefine our parameters to address all the challenges and changes, especially funding which has been allocated year by year. You have absolutely pulled the focus to where it needs to be. It is a very impressive piece of work. Thank you so much for your skill and diligence in producing this for us.
Gina Ford, Chair, Aberdeenshire Local Action Group (ALAG)
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